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Post-industrial waste

Since 2008 we convert various plastics and scraps to a high-quality grinding material in our new factory. We also offer virgin material. Materials in former times considered as waste are nowadays important raw materials. 


We buy:                          
  HDPE Mahlgut                   HDPE Rohre
  LDPE Angüsse                   LDPE Etiketten
  PA Teile                   PA Teile
  PET Folien                   PET Preformen
  PMMA Angüsse                   PMMA Scheinwerfer
  PP Eimer                   PP Kronen
  PP Verpackungen                   PS Teile
  PS Teile                   PS Teile
  PVC Angüsse                   CD`s 
  PVC Folien                      


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