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Kruschitz Plastic

Company history

Since more than 50 years we work on solutions for the recycling of waste. Therefore we have become one of the leading companies in Austria for plastics recycling and waste management.



1956: Founding the company Kruschitz in Klagenfurt

1960: Moved to Völkermarkt, opening the first Agip petrol station in Austria

1966: Establishment of a bin for waste in Völkermarkt

1990: Construction of the recycling facility in Haimburg

1999: Acquisition of the PET recycling system in the industrial park Völkermarkt

2003: Founding of "OVOPET"

2004: Founding of "Plastcompound"

2006: Commissioning the "bottle to bottle" plant

2008: Extension of the company to the "Werk 2" in Kühnsdorf

2009: Commissioning of two new washing systems including extruders at "Werk 2". Acquisition and commissioning of a new PET processing plant

2011: Demolition of the old boiler house and construction of a new flying roof warehouse in “Werk 2“

2012: Expansion and renewal of the existing water treatment plant in Kühnsdorf improving the cleaning and plant capacity.

2013: Reconstruction of the PET recycling plant at “Werk 1“ in Völkermarkt

2014: Relocation of the headquarters to the Kühnsdorf location

2015: Reorganization in the location Völkermarkt in 3 halls. New film extruder line

2016: Sensor-controlled illumination of all halls with LED lamps. Energy efficiency target

2017: Construction of a flake sorting plant for automatic sorting of plastic meal by color and type

2018: Acquisition of a new pet fines sorting plant for our "Werk 1" in Völkermarkt


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